St. Thomas Central School
The Marthoma Church Educational Society
Quality Education for next generation  


Festivals & Competitions 

STCS students participate actively in various inter-school as well as district, state and national level competitions. Over the years, they have distinguished themselves and they have won several competitions. 

Value Education

Every student is under the care of the Class Teacher and Assistant Class Teacher (mentors) who maintain Anecdotal records of each student and also looks after his/her overall development.

Prefectorial System

The prefects are allotted duty through an investiture ceremony where the senior students symbolically pass on their duties to their juniors.


The various clubs such as English Club - FOCUS, Readers' Club- BOOK WORMS, Nature Club - EVERGREEN, Science Club - THE QUEST, Mathematics Club - TOURNAMENT OF THE MIND, Social Service Club - KARUNYA, Arts Club - RAINBOW, Music Club - SRUTHILAYA, Cookery Club - KHAZANA, Needle Work Club - NEEDLE & THREAD, Physical Education Club - SPORTERS, Quiz and Philately Club - MASTERMIND and Computer Club - BRAIN -O-MATIX function actively.

The members meet once a month for three to four hours for a variety of interesting activities under the guidance of the teachers. An exhibition - 'Synergy' is organized every year by the various clubs to mark the finale of the club activities.

Study Tours

Study tours are organized every year for students of class V, VII, IX & XI to help them know more about our country and people and to develop a sense of camaraderie.


The students of each section of classes V- IX are encouraged to produce a class magazine every year. It is a platform for each student to bring out his/her inborn talents. The best magazine from each class is awarded.


Regular Parent Teacher meetings are organized to discuss the development and progress of the student.


An Air Wing of NCC (Troop No.8 ) has been functioning in St. Thomas campus since 1982 under the command of F/o George Iype Kurian. This NCC unit is a part of 1 Kerala Air Squadron NCC, Trivandrum, and is affiliated to NCC Directorate, Kerala and Lakshadweep. There is an enrolment of a hundred cadets from all the three schools. Parades take place on Saturdays form 9 am to 1 pm. This NCC unit prepares the students for the "A" Certificate Examination.

Summer Coures

Come summer and St. Thomas gears up to welcome the students who choose to spend the vacation in pursuit of adventure, hobbies and exploits in new fields. The summer courses organized by the St. Thomas Schools cover areas like Personality Development, Spoken English, Sports and Games, Music, Art and Craft, Animation and even special coaching for Science Talent Search Examinations. The fun-filled days packed with exciting activities are a welcome change from the tension-filled exam days of the third term.