St. Thomas Pre-Primary School
The Marthoma Church Educational Society
Quality Education for next generation  

The Campus

Set amidst sylvan surroundings on a vast campus at Mukkolakkal, the St. Thomas Schools can boast of the most congenial atmosphere for the assimilation of knowledge. Tall trees, shady nooks, splendid buildings surrounded by well laid out gardens and the serenity of the chapel give to the sprawling grounds an ambience of its own. The campus possesses all the amenities for the holistic development of the students: a chapel, football stadium, hockey field, basketball courts, skating rink, speaker's nook, auditorium, infirmary, career care unit and computer centre. The aim is to provide the right environment for the development of the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual quotients so as to produce socially committed citizens, well equipped to handle the challenges of modern society.