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Career Care Unit

“Without counsel, purposes are disappointed, but in the multitude of counselors they are established “ Proverbs 15:22

Career planning is one of the crucial decisions a student has to take in their life .A good career plan will lay the foundation for a successful and satisfying career and life.  .However choosing a career is not an easy task .Beyond gathering the reliable information on different career options ,eligibility criteria’s and reputable institutions one also have to take into account student aptitudes, academics, talents ,interests . So also various other important variables have to be considered before making a decision

Understanding the difficulty  the students and parents are confronted with ,We at St Thomas are actively involved in the student life as early as the tenth standard. Wherein  through an aptitude test the students are counseled on the suitable subjects to select in the Eleventh .In the next two crucial years we support them with personal counseling Seminars by experts, Career Classes and  site visits .

The results are reflected by the fact that majority of our students are today studying and working in leading institutions nationally and internationally