St. Thomas Residential School
The Marthoma Church Educational Society
Quality Education for next generation  


The primary section of STRS have around 867 students in class I to IV . Each class has 5 divisions. The subjects taught are as follows.

Std I - II

English, Malayalam, Maths, Environmental Science, Computer Aided Learning, General Knowledge, Music, Art, Physical Education, SUPW.


English, Malayalam, Maths, Environmental Science, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Social studies, Hindi, Music, Art, Physical Education, SUPW.

Std IV

English, Malayalam, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, General Knowledge, Hindi, Music, Art, Physical Education, SUPW.


Children are taken to the library twice a month where they are exposed to a good number of reading materials. Each class has a collection of books which are given out during the class library periods. Library books are allowed for home reading from Std. IV onwards.


Evaluation is done on a continuous basis. A worksheet is given in the class at the end of every chapter to evaluate students' comprehension of the topic. Marks are given for their performance in the worksheet. The marks obtained by a child in all the worksheets are added up for each subject. This is then converted to a grade and entered in the progress report. These grades indicate the effort put in by students in their day-to-day work.

Three terminal examinations are conducted in the months of September, December and March and the marks are shown separately in the report card.

We give grades for reading, spoken English skills and in handwriting too.

Co-curricular Activities

The Santhome Kid’s  Fest through which our students get an opportunity to exhibit their talents are held throughout the year. A number of prizes are given for the same. Recitations in all the languages, Light Music, Classical Dance, Classical Music, Folk Dance, Group Music, Elocution(English & Malayalam), Fancy dress, Quiz and painting are the competitions held in the Santhome Kid’s Fest.

Sports & Games

Our children are very much interested in sports & games. Each class has 2 PT periods in a week. Competitions in various events are conducted during the Annual athletic meet of the school.

Skating and Tennis

A no. of students have enrolled in the Skating & Tennis classes and they are taught by special coaches. Students have opportunities to learn Piano and Basket ball too.

Computer Lab

Students from Std. I onwards are taken to the computer labs and they enjoy working with the computers.

Santhome Kid’s Choir

Around 50 students make up the Santhome Kid’s  Choir  and they sing during the assembly time.

Special Programmes

Programmes are conducted during Onam, Children’s Day, X’mas and Annual Day and the teachers in the primary section are keen on making the maximum no. of students participate in these programmes.

The most important aspect of the primary section is that our students love to come to school.