St. Thomas Residential School
The Marthoma Church Educational Society
Quality Education for next generation  

Principal's Desk

                                       Mr.Rajan K.Varghese

I deem it a great privilege to be at the helm of affairs at St.Thomas Residential School, one of the finest institutions in the State. The name and fame the school enjoys today is the result of the hard work put in by a team of dedicated and highly qualified teachers and abundantly talented and brilliant students.

Teachers play a pivotal role in the personal growth and well being of the students as they expose them to a complex range of skills and help them identify and develop their potential and talents. The profession of teaching is becoming more complex every day. The demands placed upon the teachers are increasing and the environments in which they work are becoming more challenging.

Our goal is to build a strong foundation for the sound development of all the faculties of the children so as to enable them to be successful in life. The focus will be on exposing the students to the latest in educational technology while learning. Further we would like to foster the interest and involvement of the students in the teaching -learning process by interacting with expert educators and resource persons. It is our sincere endeavour to provide practical learning experiences to our students through workshops, seminars, panel discussions, lectures and enrichment programmes. It is our dream to build a modern institution where every student is given an opportunity to develop his/her potential to the optimum level. Thus we propose to bring about a quality improvement in the curricular and co-curricular atmosphere of the school.

Commitment to quality, innovation and continuous improvement in education will be the abiding principles guiding our institution. We are grateful to everyone in and around our school who has contributed to our stupendous success. Given the most competitive environment in which we are placed, it will be our endeavour to adopt national and international standards in education and to groom our students to reach for and face the challenges at a global level.