St. Thomas Residential School
The Marthoma Church Educational Society
Quality Education for next generation  

The School Assembly

The School assembly is conducted regularly on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday of every week. The Principal, the Chaplain and the teachers address the students by turn. Important announcements are made and winners felicitated during the assembly. On Thursdays, the students conduct Class assembly or House assembly.

School Anthem

"Thamaso ma Jyothir gamaya
Asato ma sat gamaya

Sing to St. Thomas Our Alma mater!
Sing of her glory and sing of her fame
A light to dispel the darkness around,
A lamp to remove the darkness within.

Up lift the flag of our Alma mater!
Show forth our purpose to fight the good fight
Hatred and violence, the foes we oppose,
Righteousness shall be our goal evermore.

We shall unite for our Alma mater,
Stand for the cause of our dear native land
Serving them, Serve we the King of all Kings
He'll keep watch over our Alma mater."

Our Prayer

"Be present O God,
as we enter into this day's duties,
to guide,
guard and strengthen us.