St. Thomas Training College
The Marthoma Church Educational Society
Quality Education for next generation  


>>  To uphold before the students an integrated view of life based on values.

>>  To promote their all-round development-intellectual, physical and spiritual.

>> To provide education this strives for excellence in the pursuit of knowledge and to encourage creativity and        independent thinking.

>> To give the education imparted a vocational bias and instilling in students necessary mental attitudes and work        habits

>>  To awaken in students an awareness of social and economic realities of the world around them and a sense of
      social responsibility, to develop in them qualities of leadership and train them to be responsible and useful citizens
      of India with a sense of righteousness.

Our Motto

Steering Teachers for Tomorrow’s Classroom

Vision and Mission

We see ourselves as responsible and accountable partners working towards the goals of 20th century learning goals emphasizing 20th century learning skills. We strive to prepare and mould teachers for tomorrow’s classrooms so that once trained they can swiftly and smoothly transfer what has been learned and practices in the 20 century classroom

Statement : Working towards Building and Moulding Teachers for the future.
In the service of Teacher Education and the interest of Teachers of Tomorrow.