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Pride & Glory

Participation in International Conferences, Seminars & Workshops (2005 - 2006)

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Theme & Venue of Seminar/Workshop/Conference
1.   Smt. Archana Vasudevan   National Seminar on Teacher Empowerment conducted at
  Peet Memorial Training College
2.   Members of all Faculty   Three-day workshop in Models of Teaching held at Govt.
  Training College for Teacher Education
3.   Smt. Maya.S
  Smt. Silpa P.V.
  Two-day workshop on Reflective Thinking Models held at
  Govt. Training College for Teacher Education, Thycaud
4.   Smt. Anila Chacko
  Smt. Silpa P.V.
  Smt. Usha Rani.K
  One-day National Seminar at Emmanuel Training College,
5.   Dr. Ajitha Nayar.K
  Smt. Snigdha N.R.
  Smt. Maya.S
  International Conference on Holistic Education in a Technology-
  Driven era held at Mar Theophilus Training College, Nalanchira


Academic Year 2006 - 2007

Sl.No Date Name of the Faculty Theme & Venue of Seminar/Workshop/Conference Papers Presented
1.   6th & 7th
  Smt.Silpa P.V.
  National Workshop on Design and
  Development of Multimedia Packages
  enhancing Quality in Teacher Education
  organized by Sree Narayana Training
2.   20th &
  21st July
  Smt.Anila Chacko
  Smt.Nisha Chandran
  Smt.Silpa P.V.
  Smt.Usha Rani.K
  State-Level Workshop on Models of
  Teaching- Constructivism, Information
  Processing, Jurisprudential & Synectics    held at Jameela Beevi Memorial Centre for
  Teacher Education, Kayamkulam
3.   29th Sept.   Smt.Anila Chacko
  One-day conference on The General Trends and Issues in Transacting B. Ed Curriculum held at Govt. College of Teacher Education  
4.   9th-30th
  Smt.Anila Chacko   Refresher Course on Education held at
  Academic Staff College
5.   18th-20th
  Dr.Ajitha Nayar.K   'Human Rights, Ethics & Values in Education' organized by Mar Ivanios College  
6.   2nd Feb.   Smt.Ranjana.S.Nair
  National Seminar on Modern Trends in
  Educational Evaluation organized by
  Emmanuel College of B. Ed Training


  16th &17th

  Smt.Nisha Chandran

  National Conference on Environmental
  Education (Education for sustainability)
  conducted by Govt. College of Teacher

  Sustainable and
  Environmental Friendly
  Economic Development
  Solution for a crowded
  planet Classroom
  application of
  Education Through
  Sensitising-"Threat to


  20th March

  Smt.Nisha Chandran

  National Seminar in Modern Trends and
  Developments in Psycho Pedagogy
  organized by Christ Nagar College of

  what makes us special.
  The uniqueness of 'You'
  Emotional Intelligence-
  Redefining Intelligence
  in a smarter way


  10th &11th

  Smt.Nisha Chandran
  Smt.Silpa P.V.

  National Conference on Heading towards
  2020: Progressive Advances in Constructive Pedagogy held at BNV College of Teacher Education

  Human Psyche:
  Unveiling the most
  Intricate Website Role &
  Scope of Educational
  Software in constructive


  18th May

  Smt.Usha Rani.K

  Intra-University Seminar on Models of
  Teaching organized by Emmanuel B. Ed

  Development and
  Implementation of
  Thinking skills.
  Development Model in
  Social Science


  30th May

  Dr.Ajitha Nayar.K

  Pre-Conference Workshops- Developing
  Learning Organisations, Developing
  Creativity among the Learners at St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala


  31st May
  to 2nd

  Dr.Ajitha Nayar.K

  International Conference on Educational
  Research and Learning Beyond Cognition
  organized by St. Thomas College of Teacher Education, Pala

  Effectiveness of
  Model in attainment of
  Learning Outcomes in
  non-cognitive areas

Laurels of the Institution

1. Smt. Maya.S , Lecturer in Natural Science was awarded Ph.D in Education (2006).

2. Mr. Vineed Kumar, Physical Education Instructor, has to his credit the record of successfully memorizing 175
    words bothin ascending and descending order (2006).

3. Mr. Vineed Kumar, Physical Education Instructor was awarded Ph.D in Physical Education (2007).

4. Dr. Ajitha Nayar.K, Principal, St. Thomas Training College has taken the initiative and put in commendable efforts
    to: procure a prestigious Research Grant for the institution of Rs.3,32,175/- for a study entitled 'Technology Based
    Learning Environment-Challenges for Teacher Education' from Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR),
    New Delhi.