The Mar Thoma Church Educational Society (MTCES) was started on 11th May, 1966, with the objective of establishing and   running a first class English  Medium Residential School in Trivandrum. The first recorded official     meeting of the progenitors of MTCES was on 15th March, 1966, under the presidentship of the   Metropolitan of the Mar Thoma Church, Rt Rev Dr. Juhanon Mar Thoma. It was decided at the     meeting to constitute the Mar Thoma Church Educational Society in Trivandrum. A draft constitution was discussed and approved.The Society was registered on 11th May, 1966, under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955.On 6th June 1966, the Committee started  the lower primary section of the Indian School Certificate(ISC) course (formerly Senior Cambridge) at a rented house in Nanthencode, as a preparatory course and then as a regular course in Janauary 1967. The school started in 1966  with two  classes, with Rev P.K Koshy as Its Principal, Mrs P.K Koshy and Mrs Annamma Varghese as teachers and five   students, Koshy Achen's home was the  "boarding". In the next year, ie.in 1967, there were five experienced teachers, and 67   students of whom 42 were boarders.


Society raises seed money

 Within eight months of its inception, 5.65 acres of land was purchased at Mukkola, on the outskirts of Trivandrum for the   School  at a total cost of Rs 72,685. The seed money for starting the school,   purchasing the land at Mukkola and constructing the first school building were   raised largely by way of membership fee, loans and donations from well-         wishers.  By 1974,the Society membership reached 590 and in 1979 the     Society     fixed a ceiling of 650 for its membership. The initial funds were raised by issuing debentures and from interest-free loans from members and well-wishers. The St Thomas Mar Thomas chruch, Pattor, Trivandrum was the only Mar Thoma Parish in Trivandrum at that time. Under the leadership of the vicar, Rev K.O.Sam , the parish decided to sponsor the school project. The blessing and support of the late Metropoliatian Dr.Juhanon Mar Thoma, late Rt Rev Dr.Mathews Mar Athansisus and the diocesan Bishop, Rt.Rev. Alexander Mar Theophilus encouraged the members to support the project.

A provisional executive Commitee with Rt.Rev.Alexander Mar Theophilus as President, Rev.K.O.Sam as Vice President, Mr.K.K.kurian as  Seceretary ,Mrs.Saramma George as Treasurer,and Messrs C.I Abraham,P.K.Koruth, A.J.Joseph, Paul Varghese, P K Mathai, Dr. E.T.Mathew and Mrs.Anna George as members was consituted to start the school as quickly as possible and to get more members for the society. Both these objectives were pursued vigorously and the result was rewarding.A regular executive commitee was elected with the same members in the first general body meeting on 10th December,1966,with the additionof Mr.M.M.George also as member.Dr.Mathew Roy and Mr K.C.Chandapillai joined the committee as representives of the Trivandrum Mar Thoma Parishand Rev,P.K.Koshy,in his capacity as the school Principal.

 Plan takes concrete shape 
 After Rev. P.K. Koshy left the School at the end of Apri11968, Mr   Paul Varghese, who retired from the education department after a   long period of distinguished service in senior positions, became   theErincipal of St Thomas Residential School in May 1968r   Varghese played a key role in shaping the school in its formative years and getting the recognition from the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (ISC Board) in New Delhi.As the number of students and boarders grew more buildings were taken on rent and a temporary shed was constructed. The foundation stone for the first school building was laid by late Metropolitan Dr Juhanon Mar Thoma at 8.30 am on September 14, 1968, in the presence of the Vice Patron Rt Rev. Dr Mathews Mar Athanasius, members and special invitee.The school and boarding homes were shifted from the rented premises at Nanthencode to Mukkolakkal in May 1970. By December 1970.  The efforts towards getting the affiliation of the School started in 1971. A Commission from the Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) inspected the school on 18. and 19. February 1972 and granted it affiliation the same year. 

Progenitors,Patrons & Presidents of the Society(1966-2016)

His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.Juhanon
Mar Thoma Metropolitan Patron(1966-1976)

His Lordship Rt.Rev.Dr.Mathews
Mar Athanasius

His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan
Founder President(1966-1968). Patron(1976-1999)

His Grace The Most Rev.Philipose Mar Chrysostom Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan

His Grace The Most Rev.Dr.Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan
Vice President(1973-1975),President(1975-1980,1988-1997),Patron(From 2007)

Rt.Rev.Dr.GeeVarghese Mar Theodosis Episcopa

Rt.Rev Dr.Abraham Mar Paulos Epioscopa

Rt.Rev.Thomas Mar Timotheos Episcopa

Past Vice Presidents

Vice President(May 1966-May 1967)
Rev. M.P.Thomas
Vice President(Jun 1967-May 1970)
Rev M.C.Mani
Vice President(Jun 1970-May 1973)
Rev.Ninan Oommen
Vice President(May 1975-Jun 1976)
Rev.George Varghese
Vice President(Jul 1976-May 1979)
Dr A Abraham
Vice President(Sep 1979-Jun 1982)
Very Rev A.A.Pailey
Vice President(Jun 1982-Jun 1985)
Shri P.K Koruth
Vice President(Jul 1985-Sep 1988).Treasurer(Apr 1968-Aug 1979)
Shri P I Jacob IAS(Retd)
Vice President(Sep 1988-Sep 1991)
Dr.K.M George
Vice President(Sep 1991-Sep 1997)
Dr.E.T Mathew
Vice President(Sep 1997-Sep 2000)
Shri.sonny Abraham
Vice President(Sep 2000-May 2001).Treasurer(Sep 1979-Oct 1981).Seceretary(Sep 1988-Sep 1991)
Shri P.M .Abraham IAS(Retd)
Vice President(May 2001-Sep 2003).Seceretary(Sep 2003-Sep 2006)
Vice President(Sep 2009-Sep 2012)

Past Secretaries

Shri C.I.Abraham
(Apr 1968-Apr 1972)
Shri George Zachariah
(May 1972-Aug 1979)
SHri A J Joseph
(Sep 1979-Jun 1982)
(Sep 2000-Sep 2013)
Shri K.K.Kurien
Seceretary(May 1966-Mar 1968),(Jul 1982-Sep 1988)
Dr.P.J Alexander IPS(Retd)
(Sep 1994-Sep 2000)
(Sep 2006-Sep 2009)

Past Treasurers

Smt.Saramma George
Treasurer(May 1966-March 1968)
Shri M.M.George
Treasurer(Nov 1981-May 1982)
Shri C.V.Thomas
Treasurer(Jun 1982-Jun 1985)
Shri.A.J.Joseph Eapen
Treasurer(Sep 1988-Sep 1981)
Treasurer(Sep 1991-Sep 1994)
Shri Varghese Samuel
Shri Kurien Daniel
Treasurer(Sep 2000-Sep 2003)
Shri T.C.George
Treasurer(Sep 2003-Sep 2006),(Sep 2012-sep 2015)
Shri Mathew John
Treasurer(Sep 2006-Sep 2012)