The Society continues to make a conscious effort to encourage students, to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, along with their pursuit of academic excellence. Coaching in sports and games continues to be held after regular School hours. External Coaches who are competent and skilled are invited to provide the coaching.

Students enrolled on the academic year 2019-2020 for some of the extracurricular activities are:

  •  Football - 71 
  • Karate - 52 
  • Cricket - 37 
  • Western Singing -    23 

  Our other co curricular activities are: 

 School Choir : Each School has a regular School Choir usually comprising of students from Stds VIII to XII, and this choir leads the School Assembly in singing the opening hymn, the National and the School Anthems. Junior choirs have also been formed in the Primary sections. These young children are trained by Shri Bejoy Mathew, under the guidance of our Chaplain and the teacher in charge, to perform at School functions, Special Programmes etc. St Thomas Higher Secondary School has instituted a School band since 2014-15 with the help of the PTA. Members of the band are trained by an experienced band master

SUMMER COURSE – 2019 : This year the Summer Course – Summer Fiesta 2019 - was conducted from 18th to 24th March 2019 for students of classes IV to VIII. The junior students were involved in Sports & games, Dance & music as well as Needlework whereas the senior children spent time on Public Speaking, Culinary arts, Mysteries of Science including Robotics, Handicraft in addition to the other activities. St Thomas Central School coordinated the course this year and there were 565 participants

 OUTREACH PROGRAMME – 2019 :  This programme is intended as a short term education programme aimed at young children of the locality, not studying in the St Thomas schools, to be given an orientation in English, Maths, General Science and Computers. The neighbourhood children, of classes IV to VII, usually from local Govt schools are taught in the St Thomas premises by our teachers. Due to the restriction placed by the State Govt against holding classes in April, the orientation programme could be held only by 22nd May to 29th May 2019. Topics like Health & Nutrition, First Aid as well as Personality Development were also covered. In addition to giving them refreshment every day, each child was gifted two notebooks, pens, a set of crayons, a set of water colours and painting brushes.  

 SCIENCE CLASSES : Science classes are conducted under the aegis of Foundation for Capacity Building in Sciences (FCBS), Trivandrum, which is an autonomous non profit organisation devoted to strengthening and furthering the cause of science education in India.  Special lectures by eminent speakers, including Nobel laureates, are conducted by FCBS in the city and our students are taken to participate in the Lectures.

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