ST THOMAS SCHOLARSHIP SCHEMES : Details of the Scholarship programmes implemented in the three Schools during the academic year  are as follows

St. Thomas Merit Scholarship : This scholarship was introduced in 2005-06 to motivate students to improve their academic performance and encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities. While granting this scholarship due weightage is given to the academic merit of a student as well as their cultural or sporting skills. Merit Scholars are selected on the basis of their marks in the annual examination, achievements in sports and extracurricular activities / competitions at the National, State and District level. At the Executive Committee meeting held on 18-05-2017, it was decided that a Cash Award of Rs.5,000/- and a Merit  Certificate be given towards merit scholarship in place of waiver of tuition fees. The Executive Committee at its meeting held on 23rd March 2018 also decided to award one more Merit scholarship for each school, for classes V to IX. Thus there will be three students who may be eligible for the scholarship, out of which at least one should be a Marthomite.

Merit Scholarship for Std XI :  Top rankers in the Board Exam from the St Thomas Schools, who join Std XI in any of our Schools are given full fee concession as scholarship. The scholarship continues in Std XII also. The number of students eligible for such Scholarships is 2 in STRS, (One in Science and one in Commerce), 3 in STCS (One each in Science, Commerce and Humanities) and 2 in STHSS (One in Science and one in Commerce).  To be eligible for the Scholarship, the students should have secured a minimum of 75 % in the qualifying Board Exam. In addition, full fee Scholarship is also given to the top ranker from among Marthoma students from our three Schools joining Std XI. Here again the number of students given Scholarship is 2 in STRS, (One in Science and one in Commerce), 3 in STCS (One each in Science, Commerce and Humanities) and 2 in STHSS (One in Science and one in Commerce). They too should have secured a minimum of 75 % in the qualifying Board Exam to be eligible for the Scholarship.

Fee Concession to Children from Economically deserving families: Children from families having salary below Rs 10,000/- per month are entitled to 50 % concession in their fees.  One child of Staff whose family income is between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 per month are also eligible for 50 % fee concession. 46  students were given such fee concession and an amount of Rs 81360/- was incurred for the purpose.

Scripture Contest : Top rankers in the Scripture Contest are granted scholarships which covers the tuition fees of the year